Chechen funded Azov members to oppose Zelensky: leaked data

Violent clashes with the police during National Corps protests against Zelensky in August 2021. Photo: Radio Svoboda

Who funded far-right nationalists associated with the Azov Battalion in Ukraine – the answer may be very surprising to many. New data has been published online following an alleged cyber attack on the computer network in the office of a member of the Russian parliament.

The leaked data has been published on a website for anonymous file upload.

I received the link to a file “Kadyrov and Azov, funding, Adam” by an anonymous source who explained the data was obtained from one of the computers in the office of Adam Delimkhanov, member of the Russian State Duma.

I challenged the anonymous source and received a reply that the data was collected via “Phishing”. I cannot independently verify the authenticity of the following information. However, many of the facts and details match up with real people and events that I was able to easily verify.

One of the folders contains screenshots of correspondence with the head of the National Corps in the Ukrainian region of Chernigov, Alexander Tarnavsky. According to this correspondence, a person who introduces himself as a Chechen, is funding the activities of Tarnavsky, his campaign against Zelensky, T-shirts with insults against Zelenski, as well as the purchase of weapons. There are a great number of photos of graffiti against Zelensky in all districts of Kyiv in the period August-October 2021, which at that time were published in Telegram channels associated with the National Corps.

The National Corps is a far-right political party in Ukraine founded in 2016 and led by Andriy Biletsky, the first Azov commander. The party was established by veterans of the Azov Battalion and members of the Azov Civil Corps, a civilian non-governmental organization affiliated with the Azov Battalion.

Last summer, in August 2021 the nationalists organized protests in Kiev against President Zelensky.

In response, Zelensky ordered a series of arrests of Biletsky’s people, who were charged with criminal offenses such as banditry and illegal arms trafficking. As a result, the nationalists decided to take a new path and launched a series of attacks on Zelensky’s public image including graffiti with insults towards Zelensky. Alexander Tarnavsky was charged with insulting the President of Ukraine. Members of the Ukrainian Rada, famous political and public figures, as well as journalists and others even spoke in support of the nationalists.

The conversation between one of the nationalists from the National Corps Alexander Tarnavsky and his financier who introduces himself as Chechen concerns exactly these events.

Screen Shots of the conversation between Tarnavsky and a man who is funding his activities:

Clarification of the details about the credit card to which the money is being sent
Tarnavsky’s sponsor orders an attack on Zelensky for Chechens who have been extradited to Russia.
This screenshot shows a photo of a T-shirt with insults to Zelenski which Tarnavsky has sent to his sponsor.
The two are discussing the purchase of riffles.

The archive includes hundreds of photos of graffiti with insults to Zelenski. This information can be verified by publications on nationalists-controlled Telegram channels at the time.

The archive includes information related to the attempted attack against Igor Zhovkva, the deputy head of the office of the President of Ukraine, on 22 October, 2021.

A photo taken after the attack

There is information about Zhovkva’s phone bills, his movements as tracked via his mobile phone, as well as data on his relatives and wife. Photos of his house, office car and more. This information suggests the possible involvement in the attack against Zhovka.

Photos before the attack allegedly taken by the nationalists while preparing for their provocation

On that day early in the morning two suspects tried to set fire to the house of Zhovkva while he was sleeping. One was arrested on the site. The other was arrested later. A video taken at the crime scene was broadcast by Ukrainian TV. It shows Zhovkva’s house with swear words all over the gate. According to the state prosecutor of Ukraine the two arrested were responsible for that crime too.

One of the suspects who has been arrested

Following the attack on Zhovkva’s home, which happened 4 months before the start of the war, the nationalist rallies quickly ended and political silence ensued. While the police was able to identify and arrest the two suspects in this attack, the perpetrators of another attempted murder remain unknown.

One month earlier, on 22 September 2021, another advisor to the Ukrainian president survived an assassination attempt.

At least 10 bullets struck the car of Sergiy Shefir, an aide and longtime friend of Zelenskiy,  as he travelled through the village of Lesnyky toward the capital, Kyiv.

The driver was struck three times. Shefir was not hit by the gunfire, which reportedly came from a forested area along the road.

At least 10 bullets hit the car carrying Serhiy Shefir. Photo: Mihail Tkacha

The leaked data contains information about another Zelensky’s aide – Taras Zhuravsky, the head of the information policy department at the time. Among the files there are photos of burnt cars.

A burnt car near Zhuravsky’s house

The archive also contains an audio recording of a call in which Zhuravsky receives threats.

I am going to publish more information about the leaks as soon as I verify it.

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